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ArtistsArte plasticeAndrada-Paula Vecleniț

2016-2017  PhD University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca

2014-2016 Master in Painting University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca


04.12.2017 - 08.01.2018 Group Exhibition
Annual Art Exhibition, Union of Fine Artists, Cluj-Napoca Branch,
Museum of Art Cluj-Napoca

03.09.2017/24.09.2017 Group Exhibition
Summer Salon, „Joy", DanaArt Gallery, Metropolis Art Center, Bucharest

26/04/2017 Member of the Union of Romanian artists, Cluj

13/03/2017-26/03/2017 Personal exhibition, „The Woman, not just beautiful sex", The Tailor`s Bastion,
Cluj - Napoca

26/06/2016-30/06/2016 Group Exhibition
Expo Transilvania, „Gala of graduates" - 16th Edition , Cluj-Napoca

June 2016 Personal charity auction for Adrian Nicușor Mocodean
-fight against cancer, Beclean, Bistrița-Năsăud

May 12, 2016 TV appearance in the „Ziua Bună" show, at Look TV, Cluj-Napoca

May 8, 2016 Appearance in the „Vocea Transilvaniei" written press, Cluj-Napoca

May 9, 2016 Appearance in the „Bussiness Magazine" written press, Cluj-Napoca

July 18, 2016 Charity auction for George Siea - fight against cancer, București

February 27, 2016 Group exhibition and auction „Lyons", Grand Hotel Itallia, Cluj-Napoca

November 2015 Group exhibition and auction „Little People", Casino Cluj-Napoca

December 2015 Charity auction for Alex Toma
- fight against leukemia, Beclean, Bistrița-Năsăud

February 28, 2015 Group exhibition and auction „Lyons", Grand Hotel Italia, Cluj-Napoca

December 5, 2014 Personal exhibition inside the Christmas Fair, Old Casino,

"The painting of Andrada V. tends to confer, in our opinion, a particular note to abstract expressionism, in its side of lyrical abstraction understood as the direct expression of individual emotion, by designating all forms of abstraction opposed to geometric abstraction and constructivism. Unlike the actual figurative expressionism (seeking to translate visual angst, fears, psychological pain, etc.), abstract expressionism, preoccupied with the celebration of creative diversity and individual liberty, conveys a certain kind of abstract painting whose aesthetics evokes expressivity, spontaneity, gesture, emotion, in contrast to the more abstract art (which refuses any remembrance, any evocation of the observed reality, whether it is or not, the starting point of the artist). The painter, an adept of abstract expressionism, aims to give us an image of his inner world, often outside of any figure, using new pictorial techniques, known mainly as action painting ( gesture painting or painting action) colorfield painting or all over. The concept of action painting (as a sign/gesture trace opposite to the colored field) considers painting as an intimate action linked to the artist`s biography, wiping out any distinction between art and life. Significance of the painting resides in itself, taking into account its own genesis, from the first trait to the final realization. The artist has his intellectual and emotional energy as if he were in a lived situation.
There is also, in Andrada V`s paintings, as in the Willem de Kooning`s, a double production operation: on the one hand, the irresistible interest in building the painting, and on the other - the no less obsessive to make his own artist identity. The process is complex and meditative in spite of an apparent incoherence, revealing in fact the pertinence of a pictorial approach in which the limit is determined by the impossibility of making "reality of the image" happen, to wipe off a formula of John Ruskin, or "sliding" - as Willem de Kooning himself says - in a fugitive vision. Andrada`s painting has the appearance of providing an image to be made, a figure in the process of becoming, as a passing or passing light, a "vision". Reality is rather busy than erased. "

Lector univ. dr. Mihai Nebunu


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