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ArtistsArte plasticeDelia Orman

Education/ Artistic Training

2007 - 2009 M.A. Visual Arts - National University of Arts, Bucharest
February - June - Ma Visual Arts exchange - Accademia di Belle Arti - Roma

2005 - 2007 - B.A. Graphic arts - National University of Arts, Bucharest

2008 - Web design course
2007 - Poster Workshop - Benito Cabanes
2007 - Illustration course - Thomas Muller
2005 - Expanded Drawing course - Michael Morgner

Grants/ Awards

kultur Kontact grant for study at the Summer Academy of Salzburg
Exchange grant for study at the National University in Rome
Study grant for the National University of Arts Bucharest
First Prize at the national drawing contest
Second Prize at the National Museum of Traditional Arts
First Prize at the Bucharest Graffiti Contest.

Exhibitions/ Projects

2014 Galeria Odeon - In camp electric
2013 Carturesti Imagini imposibile
2012 Prague - The hidden place
2010 Prague - Avu Gallery
2009 Mosaiken - Berlin, this concept was about integrating my work in the modern life by explaining the way I refer to myself in the present moment.

I started my journey in the art field from the present contest, then information tends to confuse to wear one down.
Often I find the contemporary perception of time similar to a labyrinth in witch case the only escape is the synthesis. The synthesis is the only ability to promise salvation to maintain an equilibrium even if unstable. In my artistic world I seek to synthesise those particular moods that are directly affected by an ephemeral condition. The purpose of my artistic process is to face the fury of time that prevents us from seeing the things as they really are.
I try to suddenly stop myself from whatever I am doing and just visualise those images hat have within them a special essence, I see those images as a form of winning a battle against time.
Time that often runs over everything and everyone, that - through our capability to forget - manages to level everything, making us feed only on the mundane quotidian, the calm routine of safety or the illusion that we are only what we think we are.

2009 - Group Exhibition - Aulla Colleoni - Rome
2009- Group Exhibition - Perotta
2009 - Group Exhibition - Sardegna

2008 - Made in Ro-Eu - Junge Kunst aus Rumanien at Sutu Palace
2007 - Bucharest Days in Vienna - Palffi Palace - Viena
2007 - Spring of artists - BCUB Bucharest
2007 - Fragment - Etching exhibition at Bradfford College
2007 - Shakespeare Sonnet - British council
2006 - Romanian Graphic art - Romanian embassy, Copenhagen


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