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"...Raluca plays. And she does it so beautifully! Blaga, if I'm not mistaken, used to say, "to play bowling with the planets" .... something like that! Her paintings are full of suns, of stars, of wells - or maybe of discrete traces of tears, as some flowers have thorns. For hours and days and nights Raluca plays; there on the canvas one can feel a tremble, like in Debussy's music, or like on Seurat's canvases, or like in Barbizon, but, paradoxically, I also think of the moment when she may fall in love with Chagall's floatings or with Paul Klee's or Vassarely's geometries. Not because she descends from there, even if every one of us comes down from somebody's "mantle", but because, artistic temperaments as we are, every moment we fall in love with beauty, no matter how different its forms are. Moreover, beyond the vibration, on Raluca's canvases, as well as in her photos, one can see the happy interwine of a genetic memory, inherited from cultivated parents, with remarkable IQs, with a sensitivity lucidly converted within the unmarked boundaries of one best quality artistic gesture.
Raluca Moisoiu is a true artist. She is still searching herself not because she is young but because it is natural to be that way. One who is not forever looking for the wonder springs of life, of THE FEEL, is sad and poor, uncapable to offer anything and to offer himself or herself. And here we have a generous artist, who filled our souls with beauty, colour and light. We thank her!...." MARIANA CRISTESCU, Head of „Cuvântul Liber" newspaper cultural section, Journalist, Writer


"Raluca could say:
"My painting is only mine
And it comes forth from my being
Writing what I feel on the canvas
I am the painting".
Vasile Mureşan
On the way of searching the self, Raluca Moisoiu experiments.
The present exhibition is a phatom of the subconscious and of the continuous fight between the conscious and the subconscious, in search of the universal meanings that could express the artist and her art.
Visiting the artist's atelier I saw several wonderful graphic works of small dimensions: portraits, compositions, refinedly realized. The sensitive and expressive line of this graphic works, as well as the colour parsimoniously applied reveal a sensitive artist who is much into graphic. In her works one can seize the influence of her master, the graphic artist Ionică Pop. In other sketches I saw searches of colour and line with no figurative motif.
This exhibition illustrates, I think, one segment of the self search way.
I think I found the key of this exhibition and the moment of passage from figurative to nonfigurative is to be found in the paintings: "Germination", "Autumn", "Winter", "Soul Mates".
"Autumn" still keeps hardly legible naturalist reminiscences but, the same as "Winter", they are in a sensitive chromatic harmony and refined writing. "Soul Mates", representing the Yin - Yang symbol, is realized in a tempered, studied writing, in colors according in gamuts and tones. One can seize the way Mother Nature's lesson still lingers in the artist's memory. We recognize in this work the philosophy and the feels of the young woman close to her beloved man and the mutual completion.
But the artist explodes in one spring in spots, colours and dripping in an action painting (gestual painting) reminding of Jackson Pollock.
This kind of works emanate energy and the desire to free from the constraints of the figurative art. A total, absolute liberation would be represented by the unconscious, automatic writing directly representing the artist's feelings, would be closer to dadaism and to the concept it introduced, the haphazard.
The artist does not or cannot totally detach of the conscious, Cartesian part of creation and here appear conscious writings and guided drippings.
The last three works of this exhibition, "Starry Sky of Love", "Sun of our Love" and "Mirrors" represent what was said above. They are complex and complete works where the artist illustrates her feelings in a non-imagistic, non-figurative way, rendering the rythm, the vibrations and hesitations, symbols of the psychic and cultural transformation.
In four of Raluca Moisoiu's paintings the searching movement and the perpetual completion from "Soul Mates" obsessively repeat. "The Circle", as a shape representing perfection, the complete form, the Hindu One, contains the Two. The circle with one single core: the love joining the two in one single being. About love, about turmoil, about searching and mirroring one in the other's eyes and soul. I remember this last work that seems to represent not only a circle but an eye as well. I remember the mirroring in the eyes of the loved one, but also Hermes Trismegistus who said in his Tabula Smaraldina: "What there is up there is also down here", that is a mirroring and a union between the creator and the creation. The newer "on earth as it is in heaven" from the Lord's prayer ... VASILE MUREŞAN, Painter, Sculptor, Museographer

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