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2014 - Present Masters - University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, painting section
2011-2014 - License - Faculty of Arts and Design, Timisoara, painting section
2007-2011 - School of Art "Ioan Sima", Zalau, painting section

Trade shows:
July 2014 - participation in Gala Alumni, Faculty of Arts and Design / UHT, specialization Painting Gallery Calpe - Timco halls, Timisoara

May 2014 - Group exhibition nest, painting, installation, sculpture, Revolution Memorial, Timisoara
May 2014 - Group Exhibition, West University of Timisoara

April 2014 - Group exhibition of workshop drawings, Faculty of Arts and Design / UHT, Mansara Gallery, Timisoara
April 2013 - Dutch Painting Group Exhibition Gallery Triads, Timisoara
March 2011 - Group exhibition John Sima County Library, Zalau
June 2010 - Group exhibition Living in the world of art, Gallery John Sima, Zalau
2014 - JUVENTUS Prize 2014 Timisoara
2011- I prize, Award Olympics of Visual Arts, county phase, Salaj
2010 - II prize, Ioan Sima, Zalau, Edition III-a
2010 - Award l Olympics of Visual Arts, county phase, Salaj
2010 - VISUAL ARTS Olympics participation. ARCHITECTURE AND ART HISTORY, NATIONAL STAGE - Neamt County

2015 - Participation in the Cultural Center Art Camp Lazar, creative camp.

2014 - Painting workshop on water coordination in the frame of AccesArt Festival, organized by Rubin Foundation, Timisoara
- Painting on grass participation Project Art Festival, held in AccesArt Festival, Timisoara

2013 - Painting workshop on water coordination in the frame of AccesArt Festival, organized by Rubin Foundation, Timisoara

Nicoleta Papp
Time 8 - 04. 12.1991

Raluca Risco has crafted the work titled 8 O'Clock-04.12.1991 based off of referencing personal medical files, x-rays and medical analysis, remnants from a particular medical intervention in her past. This almost internal reference material is reinterpreted and recreated by her through the means and expression of painting. Her approach is one laden with the profound introspective approach stemming from an extract from her life which a medically catalogued increment of her experience provided her. The body and mind were caught on x-ray film then, dated and recorded to the hour. This small fraction in time proved inspiration and was rehearsed in her painting of the work now, as a vital part of her artistic development.
The human biological condition is one much studied and approached through art and is not a novelty in itself, but what Raluca searches in this sense is a deeply personal and austere theme. The young artist launches herself forward through a series of paintings and drawings based off of x-rays of herself. In doing this she is standing on the thematic precipice between interior expression and sterile physical and evolutionary views of the human body, being linked to, but at the same time detached from, the human body motif as consequence. She references the cycle of being human, from creation and birth- evidenced by the implication of the birth date in the medical logs- to the point where the rational human being precedes the corporal- when introspection of the interior gains leverage through artistic reproduction. The medical documents, lacking expression on their own, are recycled through her interior processes, her rumination, and are brought back to a new light and a new artistic purpose of expression of the self.
These ideas are once more picked up in an exposition consisting of a series of sketches splayed out in a cohesive array of the build-up of the human skull. In this instance, imaginary x-rays are drawn in a synchronous manner detailing the various stages of the skulls creation, with an unnamed person identified as the subject. It could be the artist portrayed, but it may very well be any of us.
Through the expositional project that is 8 O'Clock- 4.12.1991, Raluca Risco endeavors to subject herself to herself in understanding and gauging her own corporality through the paradoxically sterile, impersonal medical cataloguing of her body, but so far the only means by which one could effectively look within one's self. She starts with the day of birth which we all share but never remember, leads us to the point where conscious thought takes over and ends to where the individual decides to search within again to better relate within and with those around us.


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