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In electric field IV

The "Otetelișanu Domain" Foundation, in partnership with DanaArtGallery and Artoteca announces the fourth edition of the "Electric Field", project, a programme taking place in the series of residences dedicated to the artistic field and creative industries, initiated and hosted by the Otetelișanu Manor. Among the invited painters, this year we announce Aurelie Dubois from France, Andreea Dosinescu, Bianca Ioniță, Claudia Ion and Marilena Murariu from Romania.The special guest for this edition will give an introduction in the universe of dancing through a masterclass / creative and choreographical research laboratory.Constantin Enache is a producer, choreographer, actor, playwright and independent dancer, currently a ballet dancer at the Ballet Theater in Sibiu. His training, in both classical, as well as in contemporary dance, he is known as being the pioneer of Butoh dance in Romania. From his point of view, Butoh seems to be the supreme word of dancing, its superior form. „In Butoh, we find the whole problematic repertoire of the human being." He becomes knows for combining the elements of Eastern and Western philosophy, creating his own unique language for the joined opposite fusion, such as moving with motionlessness, sound with tranquility and tradition with innovation. Details: https://constantinenache.wordpress.com/ Part of the works made during this programme

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Interview with Larisa Melnic

Tell us a few words about the beginning of your artistic career. I can`t say that I have a career in this domain, it`s too big a word for me right now, probably over the years I will find out if I had made a career in art. Painting is a lifestyle for me. I was born with this gift inherited from my mother who as a matter of fact was my first teacher. Being a child, I painted on everything I could find, however life directed me to something else. I took my degreee in Biology and then I found a job in this domain. At that time at the age of 23 I realized that I was missing painting. I took my chance and started studying at UNArte, painting department, and now I`m in the last year of master. Why painting and not something else?Painting, because it`s the thing I can do the best and it fulfills me. What style do you think suits you best? Is there an artist or an artistic movement that have influenced you in your art?I do not pretend that I have a certain style, I paint the way I feel . In college I tried several techniques and styles in painting, but that was just to understand what painting means so that we can do our job well. I can say that I like to use figurative elements in my work because I like to build and I like to play with strong chromatic contrasts. There are many artists from different art movements that inspired me like Andrea Mantegna, V.Titian, B.Michelangelo,

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Interview with Raluca Risco

Tell in a few words about the beginnings of your artistic career. Which teachers have supported you?I started to study painting at the highschool "Ioan Sima" in Zalau, then I followed the Faculty of Art and Design in Timisoara and a master degree in the school of Cluj, the Faculty of Art And Design, Cluj-Napoca. In Timisoara I found the whorkshop 205 that I felt it as my place, my home with colleagues under the guidance of lecturer Ph.D. Liliana Popa, and the city of Cluj offered me a workshop in Central Park where painting is at home, under the guidance of professor doctor Ioan Sbarciu. Why painting and nothing else?Why painting and nothing else? Good question! Painting relieves you, any topic, theme you choose, make you accept and revolt at the same time without making to much fuss. What style do you think suits you best? Is there an artist or artistic movement that influenced you in your art? I can not identify with a paricular style, I`m in a constant search and I try to take shape. I can not get out of my head the works of Frida Kahlo, they are those that gives me a sense of horror, disgust, revulsion and all in a good way. Which is your favourite theme? What inspires you the most?In the past three years I have used as a generic for my works an accumulation of medical experiences that have become a visual material for those less knowledgeable of these experiences. I try

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