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Silvia Trăistaru

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The "Diary" project proposed by Daniela Zbarcea includes a series of photographic collages and photographs that follow a trajectory of their own in search of identity. The images appear like wandering pages in a diary, materialized fragments of time, presences of memory that unfold visually in original representations.Snapshots captured throughout life, photographic self-portraits or details from the intimate space of the workshop, these diary pages follow a short period of time, especially moments from the recent past. The series includes collages, photographic installations, a kind of atypical personal visual album, created chaotically, spontaneously. The concept underlying the "Diary" project sends us to an exercise of reorganization, recontextualization, in a new way, visual moments, mixed, which bring in the present ideas, sensations, past feelings. The images under the name "Moments" are differentiated with certain #hash-tags that help finding clues in their interpretation. This series starts from the photographic archive made with the phone and posted on instagram in recent years, hence the idea of hash-tags in the title of each photo collage. Photographs are chosen randomly, spontaneously, without having a connection as time or the period in which they are taken, they are based on an impulse, an unthinking movement, without being guided by reason, or by self-analysis

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Transfer electiv

Transfer Electiv is an exhibitional project which includes painting, photography and installation. It comprises work made by visual artist Daniela Zbarcea and Horațiu Cristea. The exhibition targets the relationship between the artist and the places which mark its existence (the birth place, the city in which they live, suggested by the canvases and photographic images of Daniela, while Horațiu s photographs are a reinterpretation of the painter s artistic ecosystem through the juxtaposition of the photographic image of the canvas with the human model.Daniela Zbarcea graduated from George Enescu University of Art in Iași (2002), pursuing her doctorate at the Bucharest National University of Art, preparing her thesis entitled Autobiographical visual representations in contemporary art. She is also the founder of Dana Art Gallery, Bucharest" within Metropolis Art Collection. Horațiu Cristea is pursuing his Masters Degree in Contemporary Curatorial Practices at the University of Art and Design Cluj Napoca. His artistic domain of interest is conceptual and performative film and digital photography. Over the years he had personal and group exhibitions across the country in the Visual Arts Museum Galați, Cluj Cultural Center, Metropolis Art Center Bucharest and within UAP Târgu Mureș, UAP Satu Mare and UAP Oradea. Opening: 5 April 2022, 5 PM  

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