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1 Master in Cognitive - Behavioral Psychotherapy, "Titu Maiorescu" University, Bucharest 2006-2008.
2 Faculty of Sociology - Psychology, "Spiru Haret" University, Bucharest, 2002-2006.


1. Featured photographer in Adobe Chroma Magazine, 6th issue, March
2. Honorable Mention in Portrait & Nominee in Fine Art - International Color Awards - 8th edition
3. Cover image for Lisa See, "Interior", Poland.
4. Portfolio presentation at Viewfinders photography club, September, Brussels.



1. 2nd prize in Monochrome Photography Awards, Amateur, People Category
2. 12-31 January. Group exhibition "Ipostaze urbane - Old city", Odeon Art Gallery, Odeon Theater, Bucharest
3. March. Group exhibition "Brief", Odeon Art Gallery, Odeon Theater, Bucharest
4. Cover image for Afonso Cruz, "Jesus Cristo Bebia Cervaja",Brazil
5. Cover image for Emily Sharratt, "Ellie's War: Wherever You Are", UK
6. Cover image for Hiram Lozada Perez, "Maria Madiba", Isla Negra Editores Puerto Rico
7. Cover image for Emma Jeannette Rodriguez , "El Truco De La Loca", Isla Negra Editores, Puerto Rico
8. Cover image for Valentin Amaro, "El Ave Rasga Su Memoria" Isla Negra Editores, Puerto Rico.


1. Group exhibition to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Dana Art Gallery, 19 February - 9 March, Art Gallery Odeon, Odeon Theater, Bucharest
2. Cover image for Dinorah Velez Cortes, "Cuarantena y Otras pejigueras menstruales " Isla Negra Editores, Puerto Rico
3. Cover image for the e-book "Sifonierul preotesei" by Dan Radoiu.


1. 1st place, Foto4All photo contest organized by Foto4All magazine in March.
2. B'estfest group exhibition, Arts & Crafts, July 6 to 8, Bucharest
3. Cover image for Milady Gonzalez Castillo, "Abrazada of a arbol" Isla Negra Editores, Puerto Rico
4. Started the collaboration with Trevillion Images, London
5. Group exhibition "The Other Faces of Eve", 20 October - 5 November, Art Gallery Odeon, Odeon Theatre, Bucharest
6. Cover image for Ana Maria Fuster Lavin, "(In) Somnio" Isla Negra Editores, Puerto Rico
7. Cover image for Lisa Jewell, "Vaga Flyga", Fenix Publishing House, Sweden.


1. Group exhibition EBienale during the "George Enescu" International Music Festival , 8 - 25 September, Palace Hall, Bucharest
2. Group exhibition "Alter Ego" organized by DanaArtGallery in collaboration with the Odeon Theater, 5 - 26 October, Art Gallery Odeon.
3. Cover image for Tana French, "The Laatste Afspraak",Amsterdam, Holland.
4. Cover image for Sheila Barrios Rosario, "La Ventana Al Silencio" Isla Negra Editores, Puerto Rico.
5. Personal exhibition "Feathers and Colors" in collaboration with Andreea Chiru, 10 November - 1 December, Art Gallery Odeon, Odeon Theater, Bucharest.


1. Trainer for "Retro Photo", second edition
2. Group exhibition Foto4All, Salonul de Fotografie Bucuresti, The Ark - Cargo
3. Cover image for Ognjen Spahic, "Hansen's Children", Polirom Publishing House, Iasi
4. Cover image for Freytes Gina Gonzalez, "De Porcelana Y Acero" Isla Negra Editores, Puerto Rico
5. Cover image for Gladys Rivera Ocasio, "Notas Para One Insomnio" Isla Negra Editores, Puerto Rico
6. Cover image for Beatriz Navia, "Las Ciudades De Lucia", Isla Negra Editores, Puerto Rico
7. Cover image for Lynette Mabel Perez, "Imagineria" Isla Negra Editores, Puerto Rico.


1. Group exhibition "Variatiuni pe stil propriu" organized by the Circle of Art History and the History Students Association "Dacia"
2. Group exhibition "Cele doua lacuri" organized by the Association "Bucurestiul meu drag"
3. Trainer for the "Course of photographic art and technique - Retro Photo", first edition, organized by the European Association for the Defense of Human Rights
4. Group exhibition "Retro Photo", History Museum of Bucharest, Sutu Palace
5. 2nd prize in the third edition of "Photographers Cafe", organized by www.fotografa.ro.


1. Picture cover for the album "No End in Sight" of the English hardcore band Pro-Pain.


PORTFOLIO: www.caragearaluca.com


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