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Events - The tectonics of couple ALINA GURBAN

DanaArtGallery together with Metropolis Art Collection
proposes you an exhibition on a special theme, namely the Couple.

The exhibition can be visited during February 21 - March 13,

2016, Monday - Saturday between 12:00 - 20:00.

Metropolis Center, Grigore Alexandrescu street, no. 89-97,

Opening: February 25, 2016 at 19:00.

Special guest: Carla Francesca Schoppel, candidate for a PhD

in Philosophy.

The artist Alina Gurban gives us details about the


This theme was inspired by two different experiences: one

related to dance and the other one related to seeing an exhibition with
paintings about earth rendering hollowness, waiting, heaviness, pressure.
Starting from these experiences I imagined a couple where each comes with his
own mentality, that is why "earthquakes" happen as in the case of
tectonic plates. These earthquakes tend to destabilize the structure of the
couple through conventions. However, just as the lava erupts in an earthquake,
so does the passion of the lovers come out, freeing them. My paintings express
both the joy of dancing in couple and the alienation of affection, intimacy
degradation and "withdrawals" from living together as a couple. Thus,
I propose to the public a couple on dancing rhythms in earthy colors. My
paintings are influenced by abstract expressionism and borrow from the
primitive art of children. The focus is on emotion, which expresses the
preexistent forms of creation. In my paintings one can sense gesturalism,
mirrored not only in technique but also in representation, by sketching the



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