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Andreea Rus, plastic artist and DanaArtGallery organize, Saturday, April 2 2016, at 15.00, the opening of the visual arts exhibition „AXIS MUNDI", at ODEON GALLERY, Calea Victoriei no. 40-42, Bucharest, in the foyer of the Studio Hall of Odeon Theatre.
The exhibition can be visited during 2 - 24 of April, 2016 before the shows at Studio Hall, Odeon Theatre or by making an appointment at 0724 271 723.
In the contemporary time and space, in which the anxieties of the last century spread their shadow over our present, in which the consumer society suffocates us and minimizes existence, we ought to try it out for a spiritualized existence, in which the material and everything deriving from our acute needs related to it pass on a secondary plan, in favor of cultivating the real values.
We often surprise ourselves by searching or/and discovering images that, because déjà, plays an important role in our subconscious, come out. Thus, we make connections in the sense of the idea of an approach to "heaven", even if this is not a purpose in itself in the world we live in.
The symbolism of the Centre, so important in mythology, finds itself also in the man preoccupied by the sacred, but also in the one preoccupied by the profane / secular.
The central axis of the world, in the past, the center of existence, finds itself for us, today, somewhere, in the place we occupy in the profane space. Survival in contemporary society, the idea to build, otherwise eternal, becomes more important than the idea of center itself. Thus, building ourselves, we rebuilt the Good, the Truth, the Beauty.
Andreea Rus is a plastic artist, graduate of UAD Cluj-Napoca, painting and doctor of Fine and Decorative Arts since 2010. She represented Romania at various international painting exhibitions biennials, triennial and art festivals in Italy, Poland, Moldova, Malta, Hungary, Slovakia etc. She opened over 17 personal painting exhibitions in the country and outside it and took part in over 80 group exhibitions. In the records of the artist, numerous painting prizes are found, obtained at national and international contests. More details can be found on the personal website of the artist www.andreearus.ro .

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