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THE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF ARTS BUCHAREST invites you to the opening of the
exhibition AMBIENTAL TEXTILE ARTS – 2015 DISERTATION, which will take place
Tuesday, June 23, 2015, at 6.30 PM in the Foyer Hall Studio, Odeon Gallery.

On cymas, works of the students and Cristian Mengheşi and Andreea
Stăncălie will
be presented
(II year Master, Textile Department Textile Arts and Design, Faculty of
Decorative Arts
and Design,
National University of Arts)

The artistic projects names “Body and soul” (Cristian Mengheși) and “The story
of wood” (Andreea Stăncălie) represent the approach, interpretation and transposition
in the world of
the fabric of major issues for human existence: the report
matter / spirit and the report man / nature. The dialogue between the idealistic
concept and plastic representation materialized, in the case of the two
authors, under the shape of textile art works that impose through originality,
sensibility and complexity.

Curator / organizer: Ph.D. Senior Lecturer Daniela Frumuşeanu.

Presents: art critic, Raluca Băloiu.

Opening: June 23, 2015, 6.30 PM, the Foyer Hall Studio, Odeon Gallery,
Calea Victoriei Street, no. 40-24, Bucharest.

Visiting program: Monday – Friday, between 5-6 PM (organized group).

Period: June 23 – July 3, 2015. Sponsor: Rembrandt Art Centre.

Partners: Galeria Odeon, DanaArtGallery, Uniunea Artiştilor Plastici din
România, Asociaţia Femeilor Universitare, Fundaţia Ileana Mustatza, Asociaţia
D'Arte Da Vinci.
Parteneri media: Modernism, Art Out, Dialog Textil, Agenţia de carte, Vreau
Arta.ro, Top Business, Piaţa de artă, TV CITY Bucureşti, Sensotv.ro, Observator
Cultural, Şapteseri, Artindex, Metropotam.ro, 4 arte.ro, PRwave, Ziarul
Concept promotional materials:
Daniela Frumuşeanu
Digital processing of
promotional materials
: Cristian Mengheși




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