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Events - Beyond this world

Milena Grigore and Danaart Gallery are presenting on Wednesday, May 25th, 2016, at 18.30, a painting exhibition entitled „ Beyond this world", at Metropolis Art Collection - Metropolis Center, str. Grigore Alexandrescu, nr 89-97, Bucharest. The painting exhibition may be visited between 25 May and 20 June 2016.
„The characters in my work continue to be estranged, detached in their own inaptness towards the rest of the world, discreet yet healthy bearers of suffering. The kind of suffering that isolates, creating opaque parallel universes, worlds beyond this world.
Colour, a powerful medium of expression, with its own intrinsic story, answering to its own set of laws, seemed for a long time incompatible with the „literary" side of my work. My stories about estrangement appeared to be more in accord with the sobriety typically associated with black and white images. Even so, for some time now, my wish to return to colour as well as my desire to push myself outside the comfort zone of working in black and white, have prevaled."
Milena Grigore

Milena Grigore (December 18th, 1971) has graduated from the Faculty of Letters ( University of Bucharest) as well as from the Faculty of Painting (2012). Her passion for literature, extending along her studies in philology, has left a mark on the artist's attitude toward visual representation, a place where the taste for metaphor, affective literary connections and pursuit of the plastic language perfectly interwine. Milena Grigore lives and works in Bucharest, Romania.


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