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Events - Colours in Electric Field at Otetelișanu Manor

EVENT. The “Otetelișanu Domain” Foundation, in partnership with with Danaart Gallery and Arts United, announces the second edition of the
painting camp “In electric field”, project included in the residency program
for the artistic world and creative industries, taking place at
Otetelișanu Manor. The residency will be between 1-10 July, at Otetelișanu Manor in Benești, a village situated at 40 kilometers from


Eight artists are invited to imagine stories in the houses in which, once
upon a time, used to draw Constantin Lecca, the artist that would adjudicate for
himself, around the 1800’s, the merit to be the first on these lands to dare
paing icons in Western-style
or the first that, alongside the Otetelișanu
landowners, published magazines and books at Craiova. The guests of this years
are well known
, appreciated in the Bucharest and international artistic world:
Cornelia Gherlan, Dan Isailă, Zoița, Daniela Zbarcea, pictorița
pariziană Marie- Hélène Fabra, Silvia Trăistaru, Suzana Dan, Vasile Tolan and
the photographer Mirela Bichigeanu.

Promoter of culture and high-class events, the
“Otetelișanu Domain” Foundation, sustains an ample program of cultural
residencies at the Benești Manor. In the last years, the manor has hosted a
long series of big events, among which the
Colloquium for Excellence in the press - organized with the support of the Polish Institute,
workshops for documentary film, under the guidance of
Copel Moscu and Napoleon Helmis directors,
residencies for painting, which have been glad to have the participation of the
most valuable contemporary artists, or
ethnography residencies, with support from several diplomatic missions in


openers – in the house of the
Otetelișanu family in
Benești, Petrache Poenaru was born,
titular member of the Romanian Academy, founder of the National Colleges in
Bucharest and Craiova. Probably most people know of him best as the inventor of
inventor reservoir fountainpen, patented in
Paris and
Vienna in 1827, under the complicated name of “the walking fountainpen, sypplying itself with ink” (
"condeiul portăreț alimentându-se el însuși cu cerneală").


A part of the works made during this program
will be included in the Otetelișanu Collection, the paintings following to be
exposed during a unique event which will take place at the Odeon Gallery in







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