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DanaArtGallery presents a rich and varied exhibition with paintings from the collection of the gallery, Odeon Gallery, 40 - 42 Calea Victoriei Street, Bucharest.
On this occasion, DanaArtGallery will officially launch the English version of the site.
The artists who will exhibit their paintings are: Adriana Vasile, Adrian Preda, Ana Petrovici Popescu, Andreea Rus, Angela Szabo, Antoaneta Zoltan, Bogdana Contras, Cornelia Gherlan, Dominic Vîrtosu, Daniela Zbarcea, Dan Isailă, Daniel Crăciun, Delia Orman, Eugen Vasile Iovan, Franz, Gallo, Gabriela Anitei, Iulia Morcov, Marie Hélène Fabra, Silvia Trăistaru, Vasile Tolan.
The paintings exhibited here belong to different periods, part of them being created during the art residences organised by DanaArtgallery in 2014 and part organised by DanaArtGallery together with Domeniul Otetelisanu Foundation in 2014 and 2015. Although the geographical areas where the artist created the paintings are different, Iasi on the one hand and Benesti, Vâlcea county on the other hand, there is a common feature of all the paintings exhibited here, and that is the study of nature and man in relation to nature.
The exhibition can be visited during the period December 11th 2015 - January 30th 2016, prior to the shows performed at Studio Hall of Odeon Theatre or making an appointment at telephone no. 0724 271 723.
The opening is on December 14th 2015, 19:00.
Details at www.danaartgallery.ro.

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