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Events - Gestual/ Abstract

Danaartgallery and Metropolis Art Collection invite you to visit "Gestual /Abstract" exhibition which unites paintings, photography, collage and textiles.
The artists are very different from each other but they all have in common the study of colour, of composition, of textures and of gestures. Abstract art is and will always be an endless mean of expression.
The artists are: Andreea Rus, Alina Gurban, Cornelia Gherlan, Daniela Mihai, Daniel Crăciun, Daniela Zbarcea, Eugen Vasile Iovan, Magda Morozan, Păduraru Georgiana, Raluca Moisoiu, Radu Florea, Ruxandra Stefana Munteanu, Violeta Chirculescu.
In December, at the hospitable location from Metropolis Art Collection, we will enjoy the liberty of these artists who expressed their ideas. In an ideal world, far from figurative and reality, they chose to create art giving us energy and hope.
We invite you to visit the exhibition during the period December 12th 2015 - January 15th 2016.
The opening is on December 16th, 18.30.
Locations: Metropolis Centre, 89 - 97 Grigore Alexandrescu street, Bucharest.
Visiting program: Monday - Saturday 12:00-20:00, Sunday - closed.
Details at www.danaartgallery.ro / tel. 0724 271 723

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