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DANAARTGALLERY invites you to commemorate the 6th anniversary since the launching of the ART GALLERY on the cultural scene of Bucharest.

We find each other again, as every anniversary year, in a big team, composed of artists of different ages, from different parts of the country and even abroad. We have created many stories, have described many situations, illustrated different ideas, we painted, we drew, we expressed ourselves by various other visual techniques, we presented our vision of life to the world.

The exhibition HER illustrates femininity, reveals the sensuality seen through the eyes of a male artist, but also the introspection of a woman artist. HER is a tale of passion, mystery, loneliness, questions, decomposition, finding again, fantasy, eroticism, duplicity, absence.

Gallery Odeon, Calea Victoriei street, no. 40-42, Bucharest (the foyer of the Studio Hall of the Odeon Theatre)
Opening: February 29, at 6.30 pm
The exhibition can be visited from February 28 to March 27, 2016 prior to performances at the Studio Hall or by appointment at phone number 0724 271 723 .

We invite you alongside the exhibitors to celebrate six years of alert activity in the two spaces already known : Gallery Odeon and Metropolis Art Collection.

Exhibiting artists:
Alina Gurban, Andreea Rus, Andreea Chiru - Maga, Bogdana Contraș, Cornelia Gherlan, Cornelia Popa, Dan Isailă, Daniela Mihai, Delia Orman, Eugen Vasile Iovan, Elena Andrei, Georgiana Păduraru, Larisa Melnic, Iulia Morcov, Mirela Bichigeanu, Magda Morozan, Marie Helene Fabra, Raluca Deca Caragea, Zoița.
Curator: Daniela Zbarcea
On this occasion we offer you the possibility to visit our website www.danaartgallery.ro to know us better and to admire the artworks of artists we work with.

For art enthusiasts and collectors we have prepared the online Art shop http://danaartgallery.ro/art-shop where are exhibited for sale a variety of artworks, paintings, graphics, photography and sculpture.

Happy anniversary DanaArtGallery!


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