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Events - Hope / Corina Sârbu

DanaArt Gallery and Odeon Gallery (Odeon Theatre, no 40-42 Calea Victoriei St., Bucharest) invites you on the 9th of May, 2017, 19.00 o`clock, at the opening of HOPE installation art exhibition, of the artist Corina Sârbu. The exhibition will be open from the the 9th of May to the 1st of June 2017.

In harsh life situations it is difficult to stay focused on what really matters. The negative aspects and effects of suffering are overwhelming and we easily slip in disbelief. And the scenarios are many and diverse. But history shows us that us humans can overcome the most terrible tragedies. Thus we can understand that there is a universal reservoir from which we can all learn when we feel the need to. And Hope is always there, telling us to look around and search for a way through, no matter how hard life is.
Maybe sometimes we can`t or we just ignore its signals, but Hope is always near. We just have to remeber that. Hope is part of our historical experience but also part of our inner structure, because nature felt it essential that us humans need to receive its benefits.
This installation art exhibition presents us with a harsh fictional scenario, which we can take as an example when we slip in the arms of disbelief, and from which, we can learn that in life we must have hope. Especially when considering that the solution for our problems may arise from directions which we did not expect and which amaze us with their simplicity and salvaging beauty. Thus, have Hope!

Corina Sârbu, artist/designer


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