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Events - In electric field IV

The "Otetelișanu Domain" Foundation, in partnership with DanaArtGallery and Artoteca announces the fourth edition of the "Electric Field", project, a programme taking place in the series of residences dedicated to the artistic field and creative industries, initiated and hosted by the Otetelișanu Manor.
Among the invited painters, this year we announce Aurelie Dubois from France, Andreea Dosinescu, Bianca Ioniță, Claudia Ion and Marilena Murariu from Romania.
The special guest for this edition will give an introduction in the universe of dancing through a masterclass / creative and choreographical research laboratory.
Constantin Enache is a producer, choreographer, actor, playwright and independent dancer, currently a ballet dancer at the Ballet Theater in Sibiu.
His training, in both classical, as well as in contemporary dance, he is known as being the pioneer of Butoh dance in Romania. From his point of view, Butoh seems to be the supreme word of dancing, its superior form. „In Butoh, we find the whole problematic repertoire of the human being." He becomes knows for combining the elements of Eastern and Western philosophy, creating his own unique language for the joined opposite fusion, such as moving with motionlessness, sound with tranquility and tradition with innovation. Details: https://constantinenache.wordpress.com/
Part of the works made during this programme will be included in the Otetelișanu Collections, the paintings will be exhibited during a unique event organized by DanaArtGallery.
Organized by:
"Otetelișanu Domain" Foundation www.conacul.ro and http://artoteca.ro/
DanaArtGallery www.danaartgallery.ro

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