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Events - Oglindiri, Larisa Melnic

DanaArtGallery and Odeon Gallery invites you to visit the painting exhibition named „Oglindiri" signed by plastic artist Larisa Melnic.
The opening will take place on 25th April at 19:00, Odeon Theatre foyer studio, Gallery Odeon, Calea Victoriei 40-42, Bucharest.
„Oglindiri" project consists of a series of works which highlights female character in the mirror and emphasizes the search of self being mirrored. Thus, the mirror is the alien "eye" where we seek the truth about us and a reflecting object revealing the inner personality of the viewer. Reality and truth lie beyond our capabilities of perception which evokes the idea of transcendent world. Metaphor of art, the mirror marks the symbol of knowledge, the starting point of all duality. Even if the image reflected in the mirror is a virtual one, we perceive it as a real thing, as another self, a self that is your friend and can answer all your questions and show you what you know and what you do not know about you. How? By mirroring, by evoking subconsciousness which can discover new forces and the answers within us.
- Is is just me that I see in the mirror?
- Yes and no!
A graduate of Arts National University of Bucharest, Department of Painting, artist Larisa Melnic is currently studying for a Masters Degree in the same university where she participated in numerous group exhibitions.
The exhibition can be visited between April 25 and May 15, 2016.

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