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Events - Psycho-vegetal spaces , DANIEL CRACIUN


DanaArtgallery and Metropolis Art Collection ( Metropolis Centre –
Str. Grigore Alexandrescu nr . 89-97, near Readers Cafe ) invite you to
visit the exhibition Psycho-vegetal spaces (A new look on nature II) of
the artist Daniel Craciun.
The exhibition will be opened during the period June 3rd - June 26th 2014.
Opening - 3 June, 19 P.M.
Psycho-vegetal spaces, as a concept exhibition, reflects a state of
symbiosis between: the state of quiet reflexion and the catalytic effect
that the vegetal reign provokes on my imagination, next to the oneiric
or neoexpresionism as plastic languages or as states in themselves that
dominate me and characterize me visually and even personally;
considering the fact a part of us is dream and subconcious. Recurring
dream motives, excerpts from my psychedelic cycle, live here next to
vegetal motives or symbols, formally purified and treated in a ludic or
surreal key. The vegetal or the psychedelic meet here especially at an
imaginative level. It is a meeting that is apparently difficult to
reconcile, but in the true reality it becomes natural and palpable. It
isn’t exactly easy to overlay over a general psychedelic dominant,
situated between reverie and dark-menthal, rhythms and motives with a
predominant gestural- neoexpresionism, including at a chromatic level.
The term spaces, from the title, reflects not only a plastic space, in
which my demarche is framed, but also the idea of space-time, as well as
the one of physics. Eventually, the proposal set forth by the title of
the exhibition reflects an aesthetic compatibility. The approach of this
exhibition, even though postmodern, continues in a certain way, the
vein of my first exhibition A new look on nature, which opened for me
the vegetal cycle. This time, it is about a more complex look, upgrated
– in which the visual ramifications and implications tend more
eloquently to approach the metaphysics, an almost parallel world.
Daniel Craciun

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