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Metropolis Art Collection and DanaArtGallery will held on Tuesday, 15.03.2016 at 18:30 the exhibition of visual arts "TRANS IRON (A) GREASINGS" at Metropolis Center - street Grigore Alexandrescu no. 89-97.
The exhibition represents the plastic dialogue between Miruna Haşegan and Daniela Frumuşeanu, wanting it to be a debate with specific means of contemporary art, of some topical issues, in ironic key, sometimes really sarcastic, recalling the pamphlet. Surpassing charges of crafted perfection, the focus is on the expressivity of the message, the two visions being both complementary and unique. Are satirized: habits of politicians, corruption, deception, demagogy; ills of our today society, such as consumerism and worshiping of false values, but there are present also nostalgic accents, which enrich the visual metaphors.
Presents: critic and art historian, Mihaela Varga.
Partners: The Visual Artists'Union of Romania, The Association of University Women, Ileana Mustatza Foundation.
Media partners: MODERNISM, Artindex, ClubulPreseiTransatlantice, 4arte.ro, MagnaNews.ro, ŞAPTESERI, sensotv.ro / arte, ARTOTECA, TopBusiness, Dialog Textil, PRwave, www.vreauarta.ro, Piaţa de artă, Health&Beauty magazine, Agenţia de carte, Art Out.
Organising institutions: Metropolis Center and DanaArt Gallery.
Sponsor: Murfatlar / wine.
Concept promotional materials: Daniela Frumuşeanu.
Digital processing promotional materials: Sonia Frumuşeanu.
The exhibition can be visited between March 15 to April 15, 2016, between 10:00 - 18.00.
Contact: frumuseanu@gmail.com.
Free entrance.

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