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Events - Without face - photography exhibition by Dragos Malaescu

Opening: Tuesday, March 25, 2014, 7 P.M.

Odeon Gallery, Calea Victoriei 40-42, Bucharest
Without Face is an exhibition that puts together a series of conceptual photographs made by Dragos Malaescu. Each photograph absorbs the viewer in a mysterious story, imagined beyond the faces of the photographed characters.
The artist chooses to express his own creative visions through the visual metaphors. The obscurity that surrounds the images and the ingenuity of the used objects challenges the public's imagination, illustrating at the same time, a novel artistic vision.
The horror-noir accents from the artist's photographs, doubled by a sensibility to the natural elements characterise his photographic approach.

The 8 years of photographic experience, the unbounded passion and curiosity for this field shaped the artistic activity of the young photographer. Until the present, his works have been exhibited in many personal and group exhibitions, in Bucharest, as well as overseas. His participation in the photography exhibition "Story of the Creative" in New York, represented the peak for the young photographer, in 2013.
The works of Dragos Malaescu are often inspired by the nature's unknown, being mainly attracted by the art of black and white photography. Studying medicine, the photographer tries to transpose his sensibility in works of scientific interest, contributing to the making of an anatomy atlas.

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