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Angelology in Visual Arts

     The artworks exhibited by Cristina Tuta are emphasizing the Angelology topic, by the creation of 3D mosaics out of conventional and non-conventional materials. Besides the historical research on the evolution of the artistic object and on the Angelology branch variety in representation, the artist aims at extending the idea of art in public space. The choice for this theme was motivated by the desire, that each human being feels, to be free and at the same time to transcend his-her state of a terrestrial being, by ascending to grace. To illustrate the need for freedom that we are seeking more and more frequency today, the connection between heaven and earth, the wing becomes a basic symbol. Her concept is based on the idea of human being liberation, contouring the inner energy and the soul of humans. The substrate of the works is determined by the combination of mind, soul and artistry, which aims to bring to light the divine representation as a deep side, aiming at the identification of the human being with himself/herself. By the processing, and, at the same time, by the stylizing of shapes, the artworks created under the sign of Angelology are capturing the hieratic ensemble, the connection between the heavenly and earthly worlds, and the relation between angel and the human being. They develop, in addition to the aesthetic side, of beautification of a ce

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Silvia Trăistaru

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The "Diary" project proposed by Daniela Zbarcea includes a series of photographic collages and photographs that follow a trajectory of their own in search of identity. The images appear like wandering pages in a diary, materialized fragments of time, presences of memory that unfold visually in original representations.Snapshots captured throughout life, photographic self-portraits or details from the intimate space of the workshop, these diary pages follow a short period of time, especially moments from the recent past. The series includes collages, photographic installations, a kind of atypical personal visual album, created chaotically, spontaneously. The concept underlying the "Diary" project sends us to an exercise of reorganization, recontextualization, in a new way, visual moments, mixed, which bring in the present ideas, sensations, past feelings. The images under the name "Moments" are differentiated with certain #hash-tags that help finding clues in their interpretation. This series starts from the photographic archive made with the phone and posted on instagram in recent years, hence the idea of hash-tags in the title of each photo collage. Photographs are chosen randomly, spontaneously, without having a connection as time or the period in which they are taken, they are based on an impulse, an unthinking movement, without being guided by reason, or by self-analysis

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