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DanaArtGallery is one of the young galleries founded with the desire to represent and support young both artists and those who are not yet on the mainstream. The gallery intends to link the artists with their public, promoting their art works in the online gallery and exhibitions. The project DanaArtGallery was initiated by the artist Daniela Zbarcea and the idea of the online virtual gallery was brought to life together with Adrian Panaite’s joining the project.

DanaArtGallery manages to gather different persons, from different domains, such as artists, collectors, art lovers, art critics, architects, photographers, designers or scenographers. That’s why DanaArtGallery becomes the place where artists work together in order to create a pleasant frame, where the public can admire an work of art in a cultural environment.

We create connections through art organizing complex events which bring together a mixed public, which comes not only from the world of plastic art but also from theatre and music.  


Starting with October 2011, DanaArtGallery in collaboration with Odeon Theatre, commissioned “ODEON Contemporary Art Gallery”, being thus able to ensure a schedule o various events.

In 2014, DanaArtGallery began the collaboration with Metropolis Center, a new location situated at the ground floor of a business center in the middle of Bucharest, named  Metropolis Art Collection where various artists from the group exhibit their art works.  


Our virtual gallery is not only a presentation of the artists’ portfolio, but also an interactive environment between the artists. We try to help each other and collaborate together and the events we organize offer the artists the possibility to involve themselves in the realization of the projects.  

We wait for artists who want to join our group by showing their portfolio, taking part at events and proposing personal projects.

If you are interested you can send us an e-mail at office@danaartgallery.ro, with your CV, 12 images from your portfolio, a text about your artistic concept and the site or personal blog. We will answer you with details as soon as possible.

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